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Deputy Director, Stakeholder and Ministerial Engagement

Deputy Director, Stakeholder and Ministerial Engagement


As the Government ‘Department for Growth’, BIS plays a central role in striving to build a strong and sustainable UK economy. Almost everything BIS does, from investing in skills, to helping people start a business, to encouraging trade and exports means growth. Our projects are reported daily across a wide range of traditional and digital media and our work is constantly in our stakeholders’ minds.

The success of BIS and its policies relies much on how the Department is regarded. We want our diverse stakeholders to understand, advocate and embrace our policy agenda and to act as ambassadors for it. We’re looking for an experienced and seasoned communications practitioner to lead strategy and delivery in this key area. A member of the BIS Communications management team and heading a small team, you’ll drive a measurable Department-wide stakeholder strategy which builds capability and impresses with its impact. With a signifi cant track record in communications, you’ll have proven your ability to create, negotiate and handle excellent and productive relationships in a highly complex environment. Personal credibility, political nous and sound judgement will be essential.


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