5 Ways to Stay In the Loop While Job Hunting

When you are job hunting it is important to stay up to date with industry news and events which can be tricky whilst juggling applications, CV’s covering letters, interviews and of course your current job. Jobs in PR are constantly changing with the developments of technology which is great as it keeps the job interesting but also makes it harder to keep yourself marketable.


Offer your services as a volunteer at conferences and events and this way you are likely to watch the speakers for free. PR industry events always need people to help out with setting up, running the event and helping the people who visit. The best way to find out about opportunities like this is to contact the organiser.

Conference Transcripts

Industry conferences are expensive and not everyone can afford to go. Some people looking for a job may be unemployed so it is unrealistic to attend these events. However there are ways around this so you can benefit from the same knowledge as the people who attended. Look to see if a transcript is available or contact the speakers you are interested in.

Do You Have a Blog? Interview Industry Experts

Industry experts are a great resource and they are usually keen to share their knowledge and passion for the industry. Rather than asking them for help and advice for finding a job, ask them for an interview for your blog. This way your audience can benefit from the content and you have created a professional relationship with an expert.

Relevant LinkedIn Groups

There are many different areas to be aware of for your PR job such as online marketing, SEO, social media, content strategies etc. A good way to stay in the loop with so many skill sets is to follow these groups on LinkedIn. Feel free to contribute to discussions and ask questions, it’s a great way to learn. All of this activity will contribute to your professional appearance to future employees who may also use these groups.


If you have a local friend or family member in the PR industry use them as a mentor. This is a great advantage for job hunting and they can help with all steps of the process. You can also benefit possibly from their network of contacts.

Hopefully some of these points will prove to be successful for your next PR job. In the meantime please check out 100’s of the latest PR vacancies.



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