Adapting to a Changing PR Industry Requires Flexibility

A general misconception of PR can usually lead students to think it is all about going to and organising events. There is a wide breadth of roles and responsibilities associated with the PR professions which are not just about arranging parties. Students need to realise from the outset of making their career path decision and be aware the industry is constantly evolving. The pace is always changing and students need to be flexible with every task in their working day.Good examples of this are social media providing PRO jobs with a platform to side step conventional media and reach the target audience directly.

Universities are now starting to teach students about digital comms strategies early on in their degrees to set them up for everything a PR career will challenge them with. Employers are looking for more from students and that means it is not just about social media and the internet. Students will need to prepare PR strategies that encompass all aspects of online media.

Writing skills are still just as important as ever, even in the digital online world. PR agencies require people to be flexible with their writing styles that can be applied to both on and offline content. A predication for the future evolution of companies is they are going to educate more members of staff on how they can weave PR and comms into their everyday tasks. Staff can communicate the company‚Äôs message and PROs will be there to educate the staff on communication best practice so it becomes a joint effort and everyone is learning.



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