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UEFA is the governing body of European football. It is the umbrella organisation for 54 national football associations across Europe and is the most influential confederation in the world. The organisation is recruiting for a head of corporate communications to solidify its brand not only in the sports arena, but throughout the world.
Pedro Pinto, chief of communications & media at UEFA, tells us why his growing team needs someone with a proven track record in developing brands and can create impactful campaigns that will make people sit up and take notice.

Pedro Pinto
 Pedro Pinto

Embrace a dynamic working culture
UEFA is a European organisation that aims to strike a balance between working as a business while maintaining its core association values. Pinto strives to ensure that different teams work together in an integrated way, towards achieving common goals.
“For our head of corporate communications position, we need a person who is dynamic and proactive, someone who is willing to try something new and do so by bringing teams closer together”, Pinto explains.
International multi channel experience
The successful candidate will have a proven track record in developing campaigns and setting strong messages and goals so that internal and external stakeholders are aware of what the brand represents.
“We need an expert in corporate communications more than an expert in football”, asserts Pinto. “In fact, someone from outside the world of football would be very welcome, especially if they have international experience and are aware of what it takes to ensure a brand’s visibility across media in different countries.
“The ideal candidate will be dynamic and be able to work across different platforms to ensure our messages are consistent yet tailored to different channels”, he adds.
Outstanding communication skills
This role requires much more than strategic thinking. The right person for the job will have the ability to communicate UEFA’s vision to their respective team, ensuring they understand what is expected of them. They will be aware of the challenges of a crowded media landscape and therefore be able to come up with original and impactful campaigns that make people sit up and take notice.
Pinto explains: “We are proud to have the best competitions featuring the best players. As far as governance is concerned, we have the highest standards in the world of football. What we now need is someone with outstanding communication skills to make the world aware of what we do at grassroots and development levels and motivate a team to meet the challenges we’re up against in a new era for football.”

 UEFA comms

Communicate our impact in Europe
UEFA invests over 80% of its revenue into football-related education, grassroots and education programmes. The communications team works closely with 54 national associations to develop, promote and protect football through projects such as anti-discrimination campaigns, a women in leadership programme, a football education programme for smaller nations and the Hat Trick programme which has contributed over EUR 1 billion to football projects around the world over the last decade.
“We have a series of fantastic projects around Europe that need more exposure. Our communications team is responsible for making sure that people know about them and can even engage with them”, says Pinto.
Inform, engage and entertain
The communications team at UEFA will soon be working to Pinto’s new vision for the brand: to inform the public and the media on UEFA’s corporate brand, to engage fans, players and clubs through different channels including social media, and to entertain through its competitions.
Pinto concludes: “This vision aims to ensure that we can deliver a high quality product in every sense, on and off the pitch. We need to be at the top of our game from a corporate, editorial and stakeholder management point of view to deliver on our goals.”
Top tips for a successful job application
Pinto summarises what will make a successful applicant for the head of corporate communications role:

  • Show results and campaigns that you’ve led and the impact they’ve had
  • Demonstrate your skills of bringing people together and delivering on goals
  • Give examples of when you’ve been creative within a company’s guidelines
  • Demonstrate that you’ve done this type of job before and that you have the profile to do it again with a big brand and high level of responsibility
  • Understand the impact that a strong campaign at UEFA can have
  • Include any international experience you’ve gained
  • You must be fluent in English and have an understanding of different cultures
  • The ability to speak another language, particularly French, is ideal but not mandatory
  • Demonstrate your ability to appeal to the heart of football fans and media in different international markets

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