Could your LinkedIn profile do with a face lift?

Every day, employers and recruiters trawl the job networking site to look for fresh talent to fill their vacancies. However, if your profile is outdated or incomplete, you might be missing your golden ticket.
Moreover, candidates using jobs boards such as Brand Republic also need to be vigilant. Many recruitment consultants and direct employers take a sneak peek at LinkedIn before deciding whether to take your application further. A slack profile might indicate to them your slack attitude towards your job search and indeed life in general. Harsh? Maybe. But here are some hints and tips that might land you your dream job.
Your summary is your biggest brand marketing tool. This is where you need to sell yourself. Leaving your summary blank is not an option. Neither are generic, hated phrases such as “team player”, “blue sky thinker” and “hard worker”. 
Think of your summary like an action packed ‘mini-movie’. If you can’t think what to write, make a list of your key personal and career achievements and then form punchy sentences around them: “As a PR consultant specialising in crisis management”, “During our growth from small PR consultancy, to one of the country’s most respected consumer agencies, I pitched and won new business with big-named household brands”. 
Framing your experience will give you maximum promotional impact. However, beware of using overtly long paragraphs. Recruiters hate them and so do I! Don’t be lazy and just paste your CV into LinkedIn. Look at your sentences and break them down into shorter, punchier versions. 
Spending time compacting and editing you resume will mean maximum impact and more likelihood of success. Pay attention to the section devoted to experience. Employers and recruitment consultants don’t want to read a list of job descriptions. If they are scanning your profile, they want to see your experience quickly, rather than having to wade through reams of blah blah. 
At a recent ‘lunch and learn’, LinkedIn guru and founder of Digital Doughnut John Horsley, shared some further nuggets that will stand you in good stead. A professional looking photo is a must – no holiday snaps or photos from a drunken night out in fancy dress allowed. Furthermore, Horsley suggests building keywords into your profile as well as adding skills and being endorsed by your contacts. 
Networking is crucial: Invite all your clients, colleagues and contacts to join your LinkedIn and then get them to recommend you – and then return the favour. If you want to look like a real mover and shaker, you could syndicate content into your profile.
So do yourself a favour,check your LinkedIn profile won’t let you down!




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