Digital Creative Skills are Becoming More Essential for a PR Career

Whether you are a graduate looking to embark on a PR career or you fancy a career change from your current status, there are more skills you will need to embrace. A PR job is becoming more reliant on employees having knowledge of web design, video production, social media and photography. This career is almost turning into a jack of all trades in the media world. However it is still vitally important to have an ability to write with correct grammar, punctuation and spelling, the basics of the PR skill set. It is also important for students to be able to adapt their writing style to suit a variety of audiences and keep in tune with the branding style of the company they are writing for.

In order to develop your career and create opportunities, an excellent level of general knowledge is needed. If you want to stand out from the crowd, think about what other specialist skills you can offer. It might be you have a good eye for design or photography, or you have a particular creative flair for video production, whatever your talent, shout about in your job application.

With the popularity of social media students have to understand that communication problems are not solved with this media. Creating relationships, networking and the credibility of the message is still an essential part of a PR job. Digital media is a great tool for highlighting awareness for your campaign but journalists, broadcasters and editors still hold authority in the market. Due to their previous authority they now hold a strong position in the social media world so it is important to keep them on your side.

The best way for students to get their foot in the door of a PR company is to make contacts, be sociable, network, make themselves known and take advantage of every opportunity given, you never know where is may lead to. 



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