Does work-life balance foster workplace productivity? - Live Q&A

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Join Alice Weightman, founder and CEO of The Work Crowd, on Brand Republic Careers from 1-2pm on Tuesday 1st March, to discuss how employers can maximise productivity and retain the best talent by creating an agile and happy culture.

Striking the right work-life balance is a challenge for many professionals, not least in the PR and communications sector. What are you doing to help employees create a better balance between work and home life, and how is this impacting on productivity?

Alice Weightman

Alice Weightman, founder and CEO, The Work Crowd


To discuss how work-life balance can help boost productivity and for advice on how to integrate flexible working into your organisation, Alice Weightman, founder and CEO of The Work Crowd and Hanson Search, will be on hand to answer your questions and share her insights, over on our sister site, Brand Republic Careers, from 1-2pm on Tuesday 1st March 2016.

We will be discussing:

  • How to attract and keep the best talent in the industry
  • How to integrate flexible working to create a more agile working environment
  • ​How to create a happy and successful culture and prevent burnout
  • Should employers be offering greater flexibility and how can they do this practically?
  • Is work-life balance more important than pay or career development when hiring and retaining talent?
  • How offering flexible working can build an employer's brand
  • What does the future workforce look like and what are smart businesses doing about it?
  • Any other questions you might have about work-life balance

The Q&A takes place in the comments section on Brand Republic. It is free to attend. To take part, you just need to log in using your Brand Republic account if you have one, or create a free account.

If you're unable to make the chat on 1st March, you can email your questions or comments to who can post them anonymously for you. You can also tweet us @PRWeekJobs using the hashtag #BRCareerQA.



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