How PR Roles Are Shifting Focus

PR roles have changed a lot over the last few years if you compare job descriptions over that time. This is down to the introduction of digital products taking off such as Twitter and Face book. Online comms have become an important job title in the last two years along with other skills such as SEO and comms strategy development. It is likely that the demand for online PR specialists is set to increase even more.

Online Communications

PR professionals have fundamentally changed how they do their jobs based on the introduction of digital products. Social media means it is easier to reach a larger audience but on the down side there is now more content to monitor. A positive consequence of this change is PR roles have become more stable as PRO’s now have to be aware of the whole process of how a story born a story born online can make it into a printed editorial and vice versa.

Build & Maintain Your Reputation

The digital age has created many platforms for consumers to engage with and pass judgment on brands so the importance of reputation management is a higher priority. The job of maintaining your brands integrity has now almost become a 24 hour responsibility; on the positive side of this it also gives you more opportunities to build your brand without the restrictions of conventional selling hours. This is still relatively new so there is more to learn so it will be vital to share and work on best practices within your role.


Companies are using events less and less these days. The demand and attention for events has dropped a lot and with budget restrictions they are becoming harder to produce for product launches.

PR Job Evolution

The balance of the PRO’s job is shifting towards more online work than before. With the constant changes on the internet and digital platforms another aspect of a PR role is to keep an eye on industry updates and have an understanding of how new social tools can fit into a company’s overall comms strategy. At this turning point PRO’s have to be both masters of the old traditional methods as well as the new ways.

With the increase of marketing channels now open on the internet PRO’s need to plan a careful approach when deciding how to tackle a project. The number of influential people out there in various sectors is increasing every day so you have to know to communicate with them in a subtle and engaging way to be successful. 



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