Meet PRWeek's 30 under 30

Hey. You. The one with the director title. With the corner office. With the fancy watch and the dry-cleaned clothes. Think you’re secure? Think you’re not interested in the next generation? Think again.


The 30 young PR professionals featured in the following pages will not be ignored. Soon, you will know their names because they will be your clients, your bosses, the key influencers.


They want your job. They want your money. They want your power.  And they won’t be stopped. They are already shooting up through the ranks and breaking barriers. They have already achieved a frightening amount in a very short period of time.


Many of the winners have deep knowledge of the digital world. Take Jessica Riches, social media consultant at Things With Wings. She is just 23 years old, but has orchestrated two of the most high profile social media campaigns of recent years: Student Occupy and Hacked Off. She persuaded actor Hugh Grant to join Twitter.


Or 28-year-old Amy Richards, senior consultant at Lexington Communications, who has changed the law to ensure local and national government and schools have a statutory duty to devise and implement anti-bullying strategies.


Or Edelman’s associate director Jane Maybury who, at 29, oversees all of the agency’s Unilever digital business across 68 offices and is in charge of 20 staff.


These are the industry’s future stars. Pay attention. They’re coming to get you.


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