Taking stock of your situation

As a Performance Coach, I work with a variety of clients across the media and creative industries.  In all cases, a large section of the work we do sees us navigating through the politics (real or imagined) that the client faces in their work or personal life.  It’s always here that the most challenging and rewarding work for us is to be found: whether or not to send the ‘push back’ email to the creative director, challenging the instincts of the client over your research or reconnecting your family to your life in the big city who you’ve kept in total darkness for a decade or more.

The weights of indecision and self-doubt we impose on ourselves often outweigh the real or useful stresses 5:1 and it’s the biggest invisible obstacle most people face in achieving their full capabilities in their careers and at home.  It’s also the reason that many people start dreaming of new and exciting roles in different companies with feelings of frustration or powerlessness riding high in their anxieties and desperation for change.

Before you get seduced into thinking that the grass is greener elsewhere, it might be a timely opportunity to take a step back and take stock of who you really are and how you could change your world without hitting the job market - at least not for the time being.

The people who rise to the top have highly attuned skills for identifying the true and important values of a pressing challenge and in utilising their skills or support networks to get effective results.  Everyone has the ability to do this; you might have to put more work into getting good at it.  It’s honing this area of growth that nets my clients promotions, pay rises, new accounts and hi-fives from the CEO.  So, if you’ve got a talent or great idea it may be time to cut away the fat that surrounds it and really let it sing.  

You’ll need to develop your own ways of accessing these powers quickly and with personalised authenticity.  You can allow this to evolve organically, or massively expedite it with a Coach or Mentor – but before going there, here’s a little exercise to help you establish where you’re going and why.  It’s worth spending 10 minutes brewing on this before ringing the recruitment agency or sending a kamikaze flame mail to your line manager.

What do you want?!
Try and fill a full side of A4 defining your most desired outcome.  
List every element that would make it a 100% success.
What are the most important qualities?  Put stars next to the most important ones.
When do you need this to happen by?

How Are You Going to Make It Happen?
What activities do you need to undertake to get to the above?
Does anybody else need to be involved?  If it’s a team or partnership – go back to the questions above and answer them with those people.
What don’t you know about what you’re trying to do?

Reality Check
What’s happening that’s telling you that now is the time?
Can you do this on your own?  If not, can you ask someone to help?
What aren’t you sure of?
What’s stopped you doing this before?  What’s changed, to stop that being an issue?
Is anyone going to believe you?
What evidence have you got to back yourself up?

What’s The Plan?
Anything worth straining over has countless activities involved.  List them in the order they need to be done with as much detail as possible.  Even if you’re not sure how to tie 15 to 16, write them down anyway.
Put them all on a timeline.

Tim Hole is a Performance coach at Cierco Coaching.



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