The key to leading a successful communications team


Working in silos is an ancient practice. In order to have a successful communications team, that team needs to be integrated - not just across departments but also across skills.

Janie Emmerson, director at Hanson Search, offers this advice to leaders of communications teams


Janie Emmerson, director at Hanson Search

Integrating skills is key to success

As a communications professional, the benefit of having a specialism but also generalist knowledge is often the starting point of cross-departmental work. Being able to merge your marketing know-how, think critically and understand key business objectives and strategy, you’ll find that it is much easier to delve between departments and work fluidly to achieve your communications goals.

Recruit the right talent

Hire people who are right for your company, not just those who have the right skills for your communications team. You can train and provide employees with the skills and professional development they may need to be successful, and they will be - with the right guidance. Hiring someone who doesn’t fit a company's culture even though they have relevant skills can hinder your team's development.

Ensure everyone has access to skills training

Ensuring each individual has up-to-date digital skills will benefit your team’s success, no matter how senior they are.. Look for training programmes and learning and development opportunities available in your organisation. Take it upon yourself to find online courses that will help you and your team. The PRCA and The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) offer a range of helpful courses throughout the year that are geared to help you improve your communications skills. Take advantage of the opportunities at hand and help make yourself a more competitive communications leader and team in the industry.

As Hanson Search’s founder and MD, Alice Weightman, said to a room of future PR leaders: “You are in charge of your career”.

Janie Emmerson leads the communications, PR and public affairs practice at Hanson Search. Janie's specialism lies within communications; from senior agency roles to in-house roles in large corporate, government departments, and trade associations. Read her original article here.



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