The PR Census 2013

The PR sector has not just survived recession and its unconfident, penny-pinching aftermath, it has positively thrived. Turnover has increased by a staggering 28 per centsince the last PRWeek/PRCA Census published in 2011, up from £7.5bn to £9.62bn.

Headcount is up from 61,600 to 62,000, which in context means that productivity per head has rocketed from £121,753, which was pretty impressive, to £155,162 per head. Meanwhile salaries have increased to an industry average of just under £54,000, up some £5,500 on two years ago.

Overall PR people are confident of an upturn in revenues and staffing numbers over the next two years, with 77 per cent of agency staff forecasting increased revenues and 76 per cent expecting a rise in head count, against 47 per cent of in-house PR professionals predicting revenue increases and 32 per cent expecting greater staff.

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