What modern day PR Students need to know to stay on top

PR students are constantly facing changes in technology and the industry is adapting to these updates. For this reason it is imperative for all PR students to stay on top of the latest technology to increase the chances of securing a job after university and broadening skills and knowledge. However it is not just technology advances causing changes for students starting a new course, they are now facing major changes in the education system. Over the last couple of years we have seen a fee increase which is now putting people off going to university. Fortunately there is now a brand new PR apprenticeship scheme whereby people are able to gain on the job training and experience without the need for degrees.

The development of digital technology changes the media and means there are more opportunities for direct to public communications. Companies within this industry are finally recognising the importance of these developments and using them as a standard tool in their strategy. Businesses are becoming even more transparent to their clients due to the popularity of social media.

PR Week Jobs spoke to some industry experts to find out their opinion on what students need to know and what skills will set them up for a successful PR career. They all agreed that comms will be more important to businesses and creating a good public image is crucial. It is likely that PR candidates will be required to work on a broader range of responsibilities and roles including management positions. The greater skill set and knowledge needed will be what sets you apart from other professionals.

Industry experts also believe the PR industry will be relied on a lot more due to the financial and political struggles the media will face so the demand for high quality content will increase. Despite these modern day changes the PR principles still remain the same, network, build contacts and remember how important the relationship with a strong journalist is.

To any new PR students this is a really exciting time and the advances of technology and the industry mean there are lots of great ways for you to put your stamp on a great career.



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