Winning a summer internship - a guide to standing out

The time of year of soon - to-be-graduates searching for summer internships is upon us once more and it can be a tough battle with plenty trying to land their perfect internship.

Whilst it is a trial run, and an insight into life beyond university, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Providing real PR experience and an indication on career paths after graduation, it’s important to gain the best suited internship. Not only that, but many students who make a great impression at their internship can land themselves a full time job afterwards.

But, how can you stand out in your interview? What are companies looking for in an intern? With this in mind, we’ve compiled some easy tips on how to stand out in that all important interview.

Be eager to learn. What can you get out of it?

Nothing shouts ‘good intern’ better than showing your interest and being eager towards expanding your knowledge whilst there. Research the agency you are applying to and think about how you can develop your knowledge. Tell your interviewer what skills you already have, but also what skills you want to broaden and how the agency can help you.  It’s simple to think of what companies are looking for in an intern, but think about what you want from the internship too. Companies are excited by those that are eager to learn and those who have specific interest in areas they’d like to further their knowledge in. Express that. Let them know what you want to learn and come away with. It’s one of the finest qualities you, as an intern, can express.

Show your personality.

You may just be applying for a temporary team member role, but showing your personality is a key part of standing out. Demonstrating you’d fit perfectly into the office environment is a great technique to show your interviewer you’re ideal for the internship. Talk about past experiences and your roles within any teams you’ve been involved in. Even if it’s not directly related to the internship, it shows personality and how you’re a team player. Try and avoid being too flattering.

Ask questions!

You’ve done the research, so why not ask any questions you have? It always looks good and it’s a great chance to get a better idea of what your interviewer thinks of the agency and get a stronger idea on the culture of the job. Not only that, but it proves you’re showing an interest in your interviewer as well. Ask things like: What do you like the most about your job? What’s the working environment like?

Overall be yourself and present yourself well. You need to stand out but not for the wrong reasons. Maintain open body language and avoiding crossing your arms and legs.

Good Luck!



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