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Gallagher Employee Experience & Communication is part of Gallagher Benefit Services. We help people feel different about their work. From transforming workplace culture to championing healthy lifestyles, everything we do is linked to a strategic business objective – and designed to elevate every aspect of the employee experience. We're a leading creative communication agency focused on making organisations better. We blend the verve of a small consultancy with the power and ability of a global business leader. To us, great comms resonate with what it means to be human. It’s our business to consistently influence through learning, evolving, and innovating.

We’ve been helping employers engage, motivate and inspire their people for more than 20 years. The perfect blend of large consultancy and agile agency, our 150-strong multinational team of passionate employee communicators works with iconic brands to reach 10 million employees every year.

We know what world class looks like, and we also know that we need the best people in our team to continue to deliver for our clients.

We want Gallagher to be the organisation that all our people are proud to be a part of and where everyone can call themselves one of our team.  Where our culture is embracing of difference, where you can be the best and, perhaps most importantly, be yourself.

We are all different in some way. If we were all the same, and all thought the same, we would be vulnerable as a group. By welcoming and encouraging diverse opinions and backgrounds within our organisation, we will have a healthier, more innovative and ultimately more profitable business.

Every business knows that a passionate workforce is infinitely more productive than one packed with people counting down the seconds, from nine to five. But how do you get employees genuinely fired up about work? Well, that’s where we come in. And we’re pretty damn good at it as well. But if you think that employee happiness is all beanbags and beer fridges, stop reading and move on. This role isn’t for you. 

Here at Gallagher – Employee Experience & Communication, we’re much more than emails and home mailers. We’re driving behavioural change, at scale, for some of the biggest household names on the planet. From high street fashion brands to global tech giants, we find creative ways to take each unique workforce and transform it into a force of nature. 

Could you launch a mental health campaign for the world’s biggest sportswear brand? Do you have what it takes to change perceptions about energy companies? Have you got the persuasive power to convert millennials from frivolous consumers to long-term savers? 

If you don’t just think you can but know you can, then we want to hear from you. 

Do we need your help to engage, motivate and inspire our clients’ people, like we’ve been doing for the last 20 years? No, we don’t. We’ve got an awesome, tight-knit family of creative minds who can do that already. Instead, we’re on the hunt for fresh perspectives and new ideas to revolutionise the way we reach over 10 million people every single year. Join our 150-strong multinational team of passionate employee communicators and start to make a difference today. 

Take a look at what we’ve been up to in 2021: 


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