Head of Digital - someone to build a leading digital offering.

Location: London (Central), London (North), London (East), London (South), London (West)

Sector: Consumer, Media and New Media

Job description

The board here is small and meaningful — made up of founding members who care about global strategy and local solutions; people with the facility to add to and shape the future direction of the business, (which right now is entering a new, exciting phase) while managing client portfolios.

Digital is already a part of the agency’s strategic communications output but they want to make it bigger, better and more integrated.  Used to being at the forefront of innovation in all respects, leading the way in the digital sphere is all about innovation, re-thinking, and re-moulding.

It’s a pivotal hire for the business, requiring a level of content development and technical expertise married with the creative skills to initiate ground-breaking digital campaigns and the commercial acumen to turn in a profit by monetizing the function.

If you have an inkling that this might be for you, talk to Lynn Beaumont at The Foundry — best@the-foundry.co.uk

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